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  • Advisory Board Opportunity
    Advisory Board Opportunity With Leading Administrative Services Company
    National Recalls is currently seeking executive advisors with extensive experience in Franchising, Business Development, Call Centers & Marketing. Please submit your information through our candidate portal below for consideration.National Recalls is a Los Angeles based administrative services company specializing in optometry, dentistry, and veterinary practices. Our strength lies in combining our vast experience in customer care with the knowledge of what it takes for a practice to run.National Recalls sets itself apart by having a live representative contact your patients, bringing back the personal touch to help preserve your relationships. It has been shown that speaking to a live person at the other end of the phone creates a sense of caring that cannot be replicated through an automated service or a postcard. Personally reaching out to patients is a form of interactive care and will create greater loyalty to your practice. We offer that personal touch at a fraction of the cost it would take you to hire someone; by using us you needn't worry about the overheads, time, and space required for a full time employee.Monthly Reports:With National Recalls, your office will receive a complete overview of all work done throughout the month including copies of the actual lists, a breakdown of appointments scheduled, the return on investment and capture rate.HIPAA Certified Representatives:National Recalls is the only administrative services company out there today that offers live callers and requires all employees to take a course and hold a certificate on HIPAA compliance. This is a non-negotiable requirement to become a member of the National Recalls team and is something we take very seriously.Rigorous Training, Manuals, Scripts and Systems:The infrastructure and foundation of National Recalls is second to none in the industry. National Recalls has checks and balances for every aspect of the business from the scheduling to the workflow all the way down to how our notes are written. The company's systems and processes have been developed and tested over time. Our method of doing things is advanced and in depth and because of that we hold the spot as the number one recall company in terms of quality of service and industry know-how.
  • Board Opportunity
    Board Opportunity With International Pharmaceutical Company
    Burrard Pharmaceuticals Enterprises is currently seeking executive board members with a Pharmaceutical & Scientific background. Please submit your information through our candidate portal below for consideration.Burrard Pharmaceuticals is an established pharmaceutical firm headquartered in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, with offices in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Dubai, and Hong Kong. We have over 10 years of international experience, with proven skills and established resources to produce quality pharmaceutical products to not only meet your expectations, but to exceed them.Founded as Amerix Pharmaceutical, our company is renamed to Burrard Pharmaceuticals to better represent our strong ties with the Pacific Northwest. We are committed to provide you with excellent solutions in drug development / formulation, private labeling, technology transfer as well as CRO services.Company Goals:Our goal is to become a recognized leader in drug development, drug manufacturing, technology transfer and Contract Research Organization (CRO) services.
  • Advisory Board Opportunity
    Advisory Board Opportunity With Information Technology & Services Company
    SkillDirector is currently seeking executive advisors with experience in Business Development, Growth Strategy, and has Connections with Fortune 500 Companies. Please submit your information through our candidate portal below for consideration.SkillDirector enables our customers to identify and close skill gaps through personalized learning. We automate the creation of personalized learning plans that provide relevance, empowerment and engagement to employees, strategic skill intelligence to the business, and demand planning to Learning and Development departments.Many organizations miss targets because they are unable to effectively link employee skills to corporate strategy. We overcome this with skills management technology, an employee-centric approach, and these key principles:Get granular: To truly link employee skills to corporate strategy, you must get granular. This holds true in how you assess employees’ capabilities and in the training solutions you provide. Focus on job-specific skills vs. high level competencies. Granularity delivers relevance. Relevance creates buy-in. And buy-in leads to change in behavior.Be agile: Our customers need to respond to change today. Skill gaps = opportunity costs.Drive engagement: Engagement is key to changing behavior. We drive engagement through the skill gap identification process, and how those gaps are closed.Embrace LEAN: LEAN is about eliminating waste in what gets built and how it is consumed. Use mass-customized learning. Through our granular approach, employees can self-direct to and consume only what they need, eliminating training waste developing and delivering the wrong content to the wrong audience.

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