2012 Distinction Awards

Featured Award Winner:

Frumi Barr

Frumi Barr has published another best in class business book: "A CEOs Secret Weapon". Her unique approach to consulting and writing on sensitive issues that matter most to CEOs have brought great value to global executives leading top companies. Our Advisory Committee was most impressed by her new title and her position as our Featured Award Winner is a reflection of that.

A CEOs Secret Weapon

How many leaders truly know their cause and purpose in life and pursue it with a passion that makes others envious? Few. How many of those leaders translate that passion into their enterprise? Fewer still. Readers of A CEO’s Secret Weapon discover how to do exactly that.

Frumi Barr employs the theory of projecting your inner self into the company. She harnesses the power of knowing your Why to implement solutions that work. Says Frumi, “Harness your inner passion—whatever it is—to become the most committed advocate for your cause that ever existed.” With the help of A CEO’s Secret Weapon, that is a realistic goal.

As the CEO of 3 businesses and CFO of 2, Frumi Rachel Barr is no stranger to acknowledging every detail that makes a company function. It is this awareness of complete team performance that has made her focus on helping top CEOs and executives conquer the challenges of self expression and team communication.

Frumi is highly educated with an MBA and a PhD in Business Administration. Being the mother of four in addition to juggling a full time career, Frumi has mastered the art of communication and mediation. She prides herself on being the source in the room all can trust and count on to solve inner team conflict. As a knowledgeable and strong woman, Frumi is able to unveil the real truths that plague many business environments in negative manners.

Frumi has served with the honorable title of Past President of the Professional Coaching and Mentors Association. She is currently the Mentorship Director for the Orange County Chapter of The International Coaching Federation. Frumi is the author of Confessions of a Resilient Entrepreneur and the soon to be released book What Now CEO? 5 Proven Strategies to Combat Loneliness at the Top.

2012 Distinction Awards

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There are over 11,000 Business Books published each year and only the best are given our executive seal of approval: the ExecRank Distinction Award. Books and Authors displaying originality and offering practical value for executives were heavily favored in our selections. Our advisory committee composed of industry analysts and leading executives review new business titles as they are released and make their selection of award winners based on strict criteria designed to reflect executive value. Books displaying originality and offering practical value for executives were heavily favored in our selections.

Brad Cooke CEO, Endeavour Silver Corp “I am flattered to be considered one of the top 500 CEOs and could not have received such recognition without the incredible contributions of my management team at Endeavour Silver.”

David Wentz CEO, USANA Health Sciences “I am honored to be a part of ExecRank’s 2012 Top Small Cap CEOs and to be grouped with incredible leaders across many different fields. USANA Health Sciences strives to be a company of growth and initiative, and this honor demonstrates my commitment—and the entire company’s commitment—to continued excellence.”

Peter F. Greene COO, Camden National Corporation “I appreciate the recognition by ExecRank as it reflects the positive culture of Camden National Bank and the desire of our workforce to keep us a top performing organization.”

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2012 Top Business Books


Frumi Rachel Barr, “A CEOs Secret Weapon” Neville Isdell, “Inside Coca-Cola” Virgil and Ken Scudder, “World Class Communication”
Patrick Lencioni, “The Five Temptations of a CEO” Kevin Cashman, “The Pause Principle: Step Back to Lead Forward” John Smyth, “The CEO: Chief Engagement Officer e”
Alina Wheeler, “Designing Brand Identity” Martha Heller, “The CIO Paradox” Fraser P. Seitel, “Rethinking Reputation”
Bob Parsanko, “The Leaders Climb” Eric Mosley, “The Crowd Sourced Performance Review” Mark Woods, “Attack Your Day Before It Attacks you”
David Horsager, “The Trust Edge” Erika Anderson, “Leading So People Will Follow” Lee LeFever, “The Art of Explanation”
Tom Searcy, “How to Close a Deal Like Warren Buffett” Martin Murphy, “No More Pointless Meetings” Paul Smith, “Lead With A Story”
Hunter Muller, “On Top of the Cloud” Ravi Gopaldas Kathuria, “How Cohesive is Your Company” John Kotter, “Leading Change”
Steve Van Remortal, “Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream” Jonathan Fields, “Uncertainty; Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel for Brilliance” Tim Sanders, “Today we Are Rich”
Tim Irwin, “De-Railed”