2012 Chief Scientific Rankings

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Elliott Sigal

Elliott Sigal is ExecRank's Top Chief Scientific Officer for 2012. Mr. Sigal has experience in a variety of leadership roles in research and development, and his influence has helped spread Bristol-Myers Squibb’s reputation for innovation. His strong record of success in overseeing innovations that have brought significant progress to the treatment of serious diseases has propelled him to number one on this year’s list.

Elliott Sigal has served as chief scientific officer and president of R&D since October 2004. He was appointed executive vice president of Bristol-Myers Squibb in November 2006 and is a member of the company's Senior Management Team. Elliott was elected to the Board of Directors effective March 1, 2011.

Under Elliott’s leadership, 13 new products have been brought to market including medicines to treat diseases including cancer, serious mental illness, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B, rheumatoid arthritis, solid organ transplant rejection, cardiovascular disease and metabolics.

Elliott has more than 25 years of combined experience in medicine, research and management. In 1992 he joined the pharmaceutical company Syntex and held positions of increasing responsibility in drug discovery. In 1995 he joined the genomics firm Mercator Genetics as vice president of R&D. While there he provided the research leadership that resulted in the discovery of the gene for hemochromatosis -- one of the most common genetic diseases in the U.S. in which the body absorbs too much iron and can lead to liver, heart or pancreas failure.

Elliott received his medical degree from the University of Chicago in 1981 and trained in internal medicine and pulmonary medicine at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), where he also received his research training at the Cardiovascular Research Institute. He served on the faculty of the UCSF Department of Medicine from 1988 to 1992. Prior to medical school Elliott studied engineering and management at Purdue University, where he received a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science, and his Ph.D.

2012 Chief Scientific Rankings

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There are over 5,000 Chief Scientific Officers and C-Level Scientific Executives in the United States. Only the very best are awarded the distinction of being a part of ExecRank’s “Top Chief Scientific Officers Ranking” for 2012. The number one area of focus for Top CSOs in 2012 has been their role in developing research capabilities that help produce groundbreaking scientific products, as well as their role in strengthening their company’s reputation for innovation. ExecRank also weighed heavily the research publications of the finalists, as their role as a thought leader in their field was heavily weighted. In addition, we saw a significant uptick in the number of CSOs that served on boards of directors and displayed a skill set that is applicable to multiple research fields. The CSOs that made this list represent the best of the best in their field.

Chief Scientific Officers and Scientific Executives were ranked according to our patent-pending proprietary CSO Ranking Algorithm that calculates points for 24 key categories, in addition to the insights and feedback from evaluation committees featuring some of the world’s most renowned business leaders. Like all of our position specific ranking algorithms, the CSO Ranking Algorithm serves as an objective standard for executive performance and is designed to produce results that act as leading indicators for future executive and team performance. Feedback from past award winners includes:

Diane Dietz, EVP & Chief Marketing Officer, SAFEWAY INC.“I’m honored by the recognition and pleased to be counted among a roster of CMO’s managing some of the finest brands in the world.”

Jeff Lauro, CIO, Collective Brands“I am honored to be included on ExecRank with such important leaders in my field.”

Denis Edwards, CIO Manpower Group“Thank you for honoring me and our outstanding team of IT professionals at ManpowerGroup. I am truly humbled to be included on a list that includes so many CIOs for whom I have the highest admiration and respect.”

Steve F. Brown – CIO Tenet Healthcare“I am truly honored to be among this distinguished group of IT leaders on ExecRank. My recognition is a reflection of the tremendous IT team at Tenet and the contributions of our key IT business partners Dell and Cerner Corporation.”

Tom Nightingale, ModusLink Global Solutions“It is great to see that ExecRank has produced a credible means to analyze the wide variety of techniques that exist across so many industries and produce a best-in-class rating system removing the subjectivity that has historically existed.”

Peter E. Holmes, Ph.D., Celanese Corporation“I am grateful to the nominating committee of ExecRank for this tremendous honor.”

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1. Elliott Sigal, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company 2. Norbert G Riedel, Baxter International Inc
3. Richard E. Kuntz, Medtronic, Inc 4. Paulus Stoffels, Johnson & Johnson
5. Peter Mueller, Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc 6. Rhona Applebaum, The Coca Cola Company
7. Uwe Schoenbeck, Pfizer Inc-External R&D Innovation 8. Sherwood L Gorbach, Optimer Pharmaceuticals
9. Carl W Hastings, Reliv’ International, Inc 10. Joseph Bertino, ZIOPHARM Oncology
11. Gerald R. Cysewski, Cyanotech Corporation 12. George D. Yancopoulos, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
13. Mehmood Kahn, PepsiCo, Inc 14. Robert I Rudko, PLC Systems Inc
15. David M Goldenberg, Immunomedics, Inc 16. Aram Adourian, BG Medicine, Inc
17. Kalpana Merchant, Eli Lilly and Company-Translational Science 18. Robert Wild, Eli Lilly and Company-Oncology Division
19. Cynthia W Tuthill, SciClone Pharmaceuticals, Inc 20. Jon Kayyem, GenMark Dx
21. Todd C Zankel, Raptor Pharmaceuticals 22. Stephen K Doberstein, Nektar Therapeutics
23. Kevin Koch, Array BioPharma Inc. 24. James A Wells, Sunesis Pharmaceuticals, Inc
25. Robert N. Brey, Soligenix, Inc 26. Kalpana Ramnarayan, Sapient Corporation
27. Klaus Lindpainter, Thermo Fisher Scientific 28. Simon Archibald, Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corporation
29. David N Standring, Idenix Pharmaceuticals, Inc 30. Daniel R. Marshak, PerkinElmer, Inc
31. Charles J Link, NewLink Genetics Corporation 32. Felix Theeuwes, DURECT Corporation
33. Patrick J Scannon, XOMA Corporation 34. James D. Otvos, LipoScience, Inc.
35. Jerry Lanchbury, Myriad Genetics, Inc 36. Robert A Preti, NeoStem, Inc
37. John J. Harrington, Athersys, Inc 38. Jerry L. Malis, Synergetics USA, Inc
39. Sumant Ramachandra, Hospira, Inc 40. Vito J Palombella, Infinity Pharmaceuticals
41. Benjamin Sullivan, TearLab Corporation 42. Timothy T Stenzel, Quidel Corporation
43. H M Shepard, Halozyme Therapeutics, Inc 44. Michael Lussier, Volcano Corporation
45. Damian A Hajduk, Landec Corporation 46. Lorin K Johnson, Salix Pharmaceuticals, Ltd
47. David J Lockhart, Amicus Therapeutics, Inc 48. Larry Ereshefsky, PAREXEL International Corporation
49. Steven C Gilman, Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc 50. Ivan P Gergel, Endo Health Solutions, Inc
51. Oliver P Peoples, Metabolix, Inc 52. Juan C Jaen, ChemoCentryx, Inc
53. John M Lambert, ImmunoGen, Inc 54. Joseph Y Chang, Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc
55. Gabor M Rubanyi, Cardium Therapeutics, Inc 56. Colin Broom, ViroPharma Incorporated
57. Suneel Gupta, Impax Laboratories, Inc 58. Mark G Currie, Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, Inc
59. Scott M Whitcup, Allergan, Inc 60. Aron B Anderson, SurModics, Inc
61. W. James Jackson, Emergent BioSolutions, Inc 62. Philip D Gregory, Sangamo BioSciences, Inc
63. Norbert W Bischofberger, Gilead Sciences, Inc 64. Ivan D Horvak, Enzon Pharmaceuticals, Inc
65. Jim McChesney, ChromaDex Corporation 66. Barry A Polisky, Marina Biotech, Inc
67. Timothy T Bertram, Tengion, Inc 68. Ashok Nigalaye, Elite Pharmaceuticals, Inc
69. Linda Kelley, Cryo-Cell International, Inc 70. Dominic P Behan, Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc
71. Robert L Coffman, Dynavax Technologies Corporation 72. Brian P Zambrowicz, Lexicon Pharmaceuticals
73. Nikhilesh N Singh, Transcept Pharmaceuticals, Inc 74. Diane Tribble, Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc
75. Edward Ashton, VirtualScopics, Inc 76. Kamel Egbaria, Hi-Tech Pharmacal Co., Inc
77. Peter Lamb , Exelixis 78. Dennis E Hruby, SIGA Technologies, Inc
79. David J Loury, Pharmacyclics, Inc 80. Jeffery S Gentry, Reynolds American Inc
81. Andrew R Blight, Acorda Therapeutics, Inc 82. William E. Brown, IDEXX Laboratories, Inc
83. Joffre B Baker, Genomic Health, Inc 84. David Scott, Alere Inc
85. Kirk W Johnson, MediciNova, Inc 86. Cheryl R Blanchard, Zimmer Holdings Inc
87. Ajay Gupta, Rockwell Medical Technologies, Inc 88. Tibor Keler, Celldex Therapeutics, Inc
89. Carlos F Santos, The Hopkins Captial Group 90. Brian J Day, Aeolus Pharmaceuticals, Inc
91. Christopher L Reading, Harbor BioSciences 92. Gregory A Juda, Bacterin International Holdings, Inc
93. Jatin Shah, Perrigo Company 94. Jamey P. Weichert, Novelos Therapeutics, Inc
95. David Glover, Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc 96. Amar A Sethi, Pacific Biomarkers, Inc
97. Ronnda L Bartel, Aastrom Biosciences, Inc 98. Jing-wen Kuo, Anika Therapeutics, Inc
99. Caroline A Hartill, RTI Biologics, Inc 100. Kristin Comella, Bioheart, Inc