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ExecRank is the definitive ranking service of leading executives from more than 30 professions who have achieved the highest level of professional achievement and peer recognition. ExecRank has created a patent-pending, proprietary algorithm for how to rank executives, in addition to incorporating insights and feedback from evaluation committees featuring some of the world’s most renowned business leaders. The ExecRank community of ranked executives is the most exclusive network of top executives in the world, and represents an opportunity for these executives to connect in a secure environment with their peers.

The ExecRank rankings serve as a qualifier for representation by The ExecReps Agency, a division of ExecRank. During our due diligence supporting the rankings we look for unique executives with specific business experience and business results to offer a limited number of invitations to select executives for representation through ExecReps each year. ExecReps delivers and sources professional opportunities including board seats, keynote speaking engagements, guest lecturers, highly compensated focus groups, calls for writers/authors, startup investment opportunities and more.

ExecRank was founded by Jonathan Aspatore, one of the most authoritative and iconic figures in business publishing. As former CEO of one of the 5 largest business book publishing houses, Jonathan has published over 5,000 of the world’s top business and legal executives, including C-Level executives (CEO, CFO, CTO, CMO, COO) from 74% of the Fortune 500 and senior level partners from 100% of the AmLaw 200 largest law firms. Because of Jonathan’s background hand-selecting top executive contributors, he is uniquely qualified to have developed a system that ranks leading executives.

ExecRank rankings are the most widely used, quoted and referenced rankings in the United States. They are featured in hundreds of publications, web sites, books and more, as well as lauded as “the definitive rankings” by hundreds of top C-Level executives. In the United States alone, the rankings reach more than 6 million readers.

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